Own a 3D Printer

Because of the expiration of patents and the corresponding flood of new equipment available, prices for 3D printers are now well within the range of home or personnel use.

Extrusion Deposition are generally within the price range of home users, while sterolithography (photopolymraization) devices should soon be on the market in a price range acceptable to some advance users.

A good place to start in your investigation of owning your own 3D printer is tne opensource project reprap.org. Here you will find the information you need to build a 3D Printer.

There are a number of manufacturers that supply prebuilt 3D printers of various designs and and a list is represented on the left.
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DYI printer;
There are also resources to build your own 3D Printer;

Extrusion Depostion

Building your own 3D Printer


Build your own SLA

Designing and building your own SLA printer