3D Online Models

3D Online Name image Website 3D Online Model Description
2001-3d-archive 2001-3d-archive site 2001-3d-archive.info 3D Models focused on 2001: A Space Odyssey
3 Delicious 3 Delicious site 3delicious.net Free contributed 3d Models in .3ds format
3D Auto Club 3D Auto Club Site 3d-auto-club.blogspot.com Multiple Packs of 3D Vehicles in MAX and 3DS format for sale.
3D Content Central 3D Content Central Site 3dcontentcentral.com Free CAD models of User-contibuted parts an assemblies
3D Export 3DExport 3DExport.com Free and Paid Models listing over 50,00 items with various file formats.
3D Model Free 3D Model Free Site 3dmodelfree.com Various Free .max models
3D Model Sharing 3D Model Sharing Site 3dmodelsharing.com A sharing center for various 3D model types. Free online models to those who register on the site.
3Dxo 3Dxo.com Offering 3D models, textures and training. Free Models with various formats.
3Dxtras 3Dxtras site 3Dxtras.com Free 3D and Poser Models. 3ds and max formats available.
Archive 3D Archive 3D site Archive3D.net 300 pages of 3D models in various formats
artist-3D artist-3D site artist-3D.com Free 3ds Max models & tutorials
cadalyst cadalyst cadalyst.net Max, Lightwave, Softimage, Mays, AutoCad Models and Tutorials
cg-files cg-files cg-files.com Buy and Sell DS Max models
cg-india cg-india site cg-india.com/cgblog_3dmodels.html Free 3D Models CS4 format
cgtrader cgtrader cgtrader.com Free, Buy and Sell from this collection of over 40,00 3D Models and Challenges to site viewers.
Creative-3d creative-3d site creative-3d.net Free 3D Models mixed with Tutorials
DAZ 3D DAZ 3D site daz3d.com 3D models and content for POSER® & DAZ Studio.
DD Freebies DD Freebies site dd-freebies.blogspot.com small collection of Free 3D models and 3d Blog
DMI 3D DMI 3D dmi-3d.net/ Specializing Car and other vehicle models in .lwo format
Exchange 3D Exchange 3D site exchange3d.com Large collection of models for purchase
Georgia Institute of Technology Georgia Institute of Technology Site cc.gatech.eduprojectslarge_models Small collection of models as .obj
Model 3D model3d.biz 3D Max, 3D Studio models ordered online are sent to customers via email.
Mr. Furmiture Mr. furniture site mr-cad.com 3d Models of primarily furniture in multiple formats (.3ds, .lwo, sketchup)
NASA NASA site nasa.gov/multimedia/3d_resources/ 3D Models of NASA Space Craft in max format
SCIFi 3D SCIFi 3D site scifi3d.com Models for SCIFI objects taken from Hollywood films.
Shapeways Models Shapeways Models Site shapeways.com/3d_parts_database Models for purchase from the service bureau for 3D printing
Share CG Share CG Site sharecg.com A site to share all kinds of Computer Graphics includes collections of 3D, Poser and DAZ images
Telias 3D Telias 3D site telias.free.fr A small collection of 3D images
Thingiverse Thingverse site thingiverse.com MakerBot sponsored site specifically for making printable models withe the option to edit provided models with an online application.
top 3D top3D site top3D.net Free, buy, sell and an exchange for nearly 1500 3D models.
Top 3D Models Top 3D Models Site Top3DModels.com Free and purchase 3D Models and stock photography
Total 3D Total 3D total-3D.com Furniture Model Library for purchase
Trace parts online Trace parts online Site tracepartsonline.net Business oriented 3D Models featuring various component parts for engineers.
Turbosquid Turbosquid Site Turbosquid.com Over 300,000 models to download TurboSquid is the leading source for 3D models on the internet.
Wire Case Wire Case Site WireCase.com A comprehensive Catalog of high quality 3D models in various formats focused on business usage and architectural illustrations.