3D Scanners;

3D Scanner Manufacturers Website Image Website Description
Nikon Nikon Metrology Site nikonmetrology.com

Handheld Laser Scanning for small to medium sized images.

NeoGroup Limited Neo Group Limited Site neogrouplimited.com

Desktop Laser Scanner for Small items

NextEngine NextEngine Site nextengine.com

Desktop Laser Scanner. For small to medium objects.

NVision 3D NVision 3D site nvision3D.com

Handheld attached to a mechanical Arm. For Medium to Large images.

Occipital Occipital Site structure.io

Structure Sensor is a camera that attaches to Tablets.

Polhemus Polhemus Site polhemus.com

Fastscan handheld laser scanners for medium to large objects.

Primesense Primesense Site primesense.com

Developers of 3D Sensing Technology available on portable scanning devices manufactured by other Scanner Makers.

Roland DGA Roland DGA Site rolanddga.com

LPX and MDX series of Desktop 3D Laser Scanners for small objects

Steinbichler Steinbichler steinbichler.com

A series of desktop, tripod mounted and handheld scannners.

123D Catch 123D Catch Site www.123dapp.com/catch

Capture 3D images using the Camera on an IOS7 Device.

Sense Sense Scanner Site cubify.com/en/Products/Sense

Hand held and iPad versions


Trimble trimble.com/3d-laser-scanning/3d-scanners.aspx

Large format tripod mounted scanner line

LMI Technologies 3DSsolutions.com Website 3D3solutions.com

Tripod Mounted Scanners

3D Digital Corp. 3ddigitalcorp.com

Escan and Optix 400 series laser scanners. Desk or tripod mounted. Medium Range Scanning. Large and Medium sized objects.

Aicon 3D Systems Aicon 3d scanner site aicon3d.com

White light Stereo Scanners. Tripid Mounted. Small to Medium sized objects.

Artec 3D Artec 3d site artec3d.com

Eva and Spider handheld scanners. Small to Medium Sized Images.

CavLab StarCam cavlab.com

White light tripod mounted scanner.

Creaform Creaform3d site creaform3d.com

Hand held 3d laser scanners.

David 3d David 3d site david-3d.com

Low cost desk or tripod mounted laser scanner.

Faro Faro site faro.com

Large scale 3d laser scanners. Tripod mounted for large outdoor captures.

Fuel3d Fuel3d site fuel-3d.com

Hand held camera for 3d imaging of smal to medium images.

Go Scan goscan3d.com

A handheld scanner from Creaform

Lynx Laboratories Lynx Laboratories site lynxlaboratories.com

Lynx A handheld 3D Camera.

Makerbot Makerbot Scanner Site store.makerbot.com/digitizer.html

Desktop laser scanner for small items

Matterform Scanner Matterform Scanner Site matterform.net/scanner

Desktop laser scanner for small images

Matterport Matterport Site matterport.com

Tripod mounted 3D camera for medium sized images